The Ethnic Communities' Council of NSW is a member-based association incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act. Its activities are governed by the Constitution.

The ECC's members elect the office bearers and the members of the Board of Management and Members' Forums, the two governing bodies.

Elections occur at every second Annual General Meeting and Committee members are therefore elected for a term of two years.

Governing Bodies

The role of the governing bodies is to oversee the operations and activities of the ECC of NSW and to ensure the Council's aims and objectives, as stated in the Constitution, are fulfilled.

Board of Management

 The Management Committee’s key roles are to:

  • develop and approve policies and procedures
  • develop and implement the ECC's strategic plan
  • manage financial, staffing, and legal responsibilities

Members' Forum

The Members' Forum consists of elected officials who, in addition to their governance responsibilities, may

  • act on behalf of the Management as necessary; 
  • act on issues referred from the Board of Management; and
  • monitor action taken on decisions made by the Board of Management




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