Our Mission

The ECC of NSW actively promotes the principles of multiculturalism, and lobbies for the development of a culturally inclusive society. The ECC is committed to the principles for a culturally diverse society.

The work we undertake to fulfill our objectives is detailed here

Constitutional Objectives of the Council

  1. Promoting of joint action and co-operation between ethnic communities on issues of common concern to provide for social coherence and stability.

  2. Ensuring the rights of ethnic communities including effective participation in decisions which affect them and sharing of community resources.

  3. Encouraging the development of ethnic organisations concerned with the social and cultural life of their communities.

  4. Participating actively in the development of a culturally pluralistic society in Australia, and relating to relevant community organisations and structures keeping in mind the purpose of interaction with, rather than isolation from, the mainstream of Australian life.

  5.  Promoting actively the principles of multiculturalism.

  6.  Promoting democratic attitudes for racial harmony and understanding.

  7. Opposing all forms of discrimination, defamation and vilification on the grounds of ethnic or national origin race, religion or colour.


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