Best Energy Smart Tips for small businesses saves money and the environment!

25 03 2014

What do Vietnamese bakers, halal butchers, Chinese grocers, ethnic clubs and Thai restaurants all have in common? They are all small businesses with big opportunities to save money on their electricity bills.

La Milpa

20 03 2014

The Latin Garden members at Addision Road have celebrated their first harvest from their special ‘La Milpa’ project. La Milpa represents Latin America and includes lots of vegetables that are part of Latin culture and daily food.

Passion for healthy food and environment at Hornsby MTC Workplace Solutions

20 03 2014

From February to March of 2014, I have delivered a series of workshops with the topic of Love Food Hate Waste at MTC Australia Horsnby office. It is a mixed group of English study, the participants are from a diverse background but most of them are Mandarin speakers. It was great to see all participants enjoying and sharing the information about how to reduce food waste at their homes, thereby reduce the cost of living and reduce the impact on the environment.  

Cooling the air efficiently in restaurants

20 03 2014

While visiting small bussinesses for the BEST project, our Mandarin bilingual educator Rose stumbled across a smart restaurant owner who had swapped his expensive-to-run airconditioner for a whole lot of efficient fans, saving him lots of energy and money!


20 03 2014

What makes a person Australian or Chinese?  Is it a passport?  Or perhaps genes?  Well cultural identity was defined a lot more sensually at my meeting with Hills Chinese Women Association last week: apparently the smell and taste of food form the root of a Chinese person.

"Let all of us to love and protect earth and build beautiful country"

11 12 2013

From August to November, our Mandarin Educator Grace Lu ran a series of workshops with a group from the Maroubra Chinese Church.  Participants increased the sustainable living awareness through sharing experiences, learning from each other and from Grace.  Mr. Zhang, representative of the group, wrote about their experiences.

Introducing Rose and Louie

9 12 2013

We would like to introduce you to our two fantastic new bilingual educators that have joined our team! Rose Xu (Mandarin) and Louie Leung (Cantonese) have started their new positions on the 1st of October and we are happy to have them on board! 


Please read more about Rose and Louie below…


Veggies with a Latin touch

9 12 2013

by Dewi Meza

Hi there my name is Dewi and I am from the north of Mexico. I meet Pilar a couple of years ago when I came to Sydney from Queensland. She has introduced me to all these courses like composting and no-dig gardening, which I truly enjoy and take into practice. Now I am part of the Latin garden.

Recycled water. Drinkable?

9 12 2013

Would you drink recycled water? That’s what I had to ask myself when I was preparing for a live talk back interview on SBS Cantonese Radio last month.

DIY Christmas Decorations

9 12 2013


Take a bunch of oranges and a handful of cloves, a few pieces of string and you own creativity.  A simple recipe for great sustainable non-waste Christmas decorations that not only look, but also smell good!

Sewing a sustainability fabric!

6 12 2013


The nice thing about sewing is that it is an ongoing learning process. No matter what time in your life you start because you will learn with every step and build your skills. Same as behaviour change, the day you start is the time when you start building your understanding and real actions.


Caring for the Cooks River

17 09 2013

SLP is working together with the Cooks River Alliance and UTS Shopfront to develop a website, an integrated communication strategy and educational resources suitable for CALD communities.

From all over the world towards sustainability

17 09 2013

It does not matter if you are originally from Vietnam, Iraq, Spain, Sudan, and China or have been all your life in Australia to find something interesting about sustainable living. It does not matter if you have no idea at all about “what does even sustainability mean” because you will definitely learn about it in a simple yet rich and effective way.

Spring with a taste of Latin America at Addison Road’s Latin Garden

17 09 2013

Spring has started and the Latin Gardeners can’t stay quiet. After a productive and active winter the Latin Garden members have tasted the love for growing their own food. They will take it further by starting a very exciting new spring project showcasing the most emblematic traditional growing system: the Milpa (corn, beans, chilli and zucchini).

My MTC Experience

17 09 2013

Our Vietnamese SLP bilingual educator Minh is delivering a series of workshops at MTC Australia. Read here more about his experiences so far!

Discovering Western Sydney

17 09 2013

Educators from the Ethnic Communities Sustainable Living program participated in a really interesting tour through Western Sydney organised by the Office of Environment and Heritage with the focus on engaging diverse communities in local environmental issues.

Save Power project stories – now online!

17 09 2013

Funded by the Office of Environment and Heritage Save Power program, we have successfully developed and delivered Save Power workshop series in multiple community languages. Listen and read the stories of participants here that they have generously shared with us here, and be inspired!

Life in Spanish: Marrickville Latin Garden Harvest Celebration

25 06 2013

On the 16th of June it was time to celebrate the great achievements of a group of Spanish speakers who successfully created a magnificent garden bed at Addison Road Centre.

A Learning Experience

24 06 2013

If you have been to any of our workshops or activities, you must have already known that we enjoy having the participants share their stories and experiences. Grace Lu, our Mandarin educator, shares her wonderful experience of working with the Hornsby Chinese Community Group, who not only talk the talk, but also walk the talk. 

Food Lover, Waste Hater

24 06 2013

If there is anything universal about human beings, it must be our love and passion towards food. If we love and enjoy food so much, then why waste it? Come and join Mariette and read about her Love Food Hate Waste project that converted many participants into food lovers and waste haters! 

Me and My Garden

24 06 2013

For many people, composting can be daunting. But what if I say that composting can be done without a gigantic composting bin and a backyard? Enjoy the true story of Mary Zhang, one of our brilliant workshop participants, who reveals her secret composting practice that inspire so many already!

A Day of Fun for the Environment

24 06 2013

Who said Saving Energy has to be boring? Read this article written by Minh Hoang, our popular Vietnamese environmental educator, who organised a fun field trip to the Energy Efficiency Room for his HACC Vietnamese group as part of the Save Power Project. It’s truly a day of fun with loads of helpful information!

Living in Harmony Festival 2013

20 03 2013


On Tuesday 19 March, the Redfern Town Hall was packed with people attending a forum organised by the Ethnic Communities' Coucil of NSW (including the SLP program) as part of the Living in Harmony Festival.

A Passionate Tackle on Waste and Recycle!

14 03 2013


The Sustainable Living Project worked together with SLASA (Spanish and Latin American Association for Social Assistance Inc.) and a Spanish community group in order to tackle increasing waste and master how to recycle appropriately through the Step Together Project. Read more about this great initiative.

A Sustainable Taste of El Salvador

14 03 2013


Do you miss your home country? Whenever you do, it can be soothing to cook what you have had in your childhood. Today Milagro from El Salvador wants to share her comfort food, while avoiding any food waste, as part of our Love Food Hate Waste recipe series. Have fun with trying out this awesome sustainable recipe!


Taking Steps Together

14 03 2013


Last year, the Ethnic Communities’ Council of NSW (ECC) started a new Multicultural Leadership Sustainability Project called ‘Step Together’. This project was offered to CALD organisations to support them to raise environmental awareness and implement projects to reduce waste, water or energy within the organisations and the communities they are working with.

ECC-Tzu Chi Partnership: the Energy Super Star Project

14 03 2013

Sustainable Living Project run by ECC and Tzu Chi Foundation formed a partnership to foster community leaders to protect. Now Adrian from Tzu Chi is telling us how beneficial partnership and workshops are to the foundation and are going to be to the CALD communities.

Put your hands up if you’d like to be Energy Super Star!

Green Corner

5 12 2012

Bilingual Environmental Educator Mariette Mikhael, in collaboration with the Pakistani Australian Women Association (PAWA)and St George Migrant Resource Centre, have set up a wonderful initiative called ‘Green Corner’ from the Step Together Project. What is Green Corner all about? Mariette shares her experience with us...

Spanish Speaking Greenies @ the Shire

5 12 2012

A group of Spanish speaking ladies in the Shire started their exciting sustainability journey at the beginning of this year. Starting with a series of sustainable living workshops, they are now looking into starting their own community garden! Read more about their journey here... 

How to tackle waste, the Marrickville Vietnamese community explores…

4 12 2012

Waste has a very big impact on our community. The Marrickville community explores, learns and discusses how to tackle waste. “In the workshop, we discussed how we used to re-use and repair a lot more in Vietnam than we do here in Australia because often it is cheaper to just buy a new one” says Minh, our Vietnamese bilingual educator.

BEEs go bush.

21 06 2012

The bilingual environmental educator (BEE) team were out in force in the Canterbury Council area this month where they were linking up with Lana McGee the Biodiversity Project Officer at Canterbury City Council to train themselves up on biodiversity in the local area.

Winners of Biodiversity photo competition announced.

24 04 2012

Winners of the Ethnic Communities’ Council Biodiversity Photo Competition Contest were announced at a celebration event at Lakemba Senior Citizen’s Centre on Wednesday 18th April. The photos revealed the beauty and diversity of Australian animals, birds and plants as well as showcasing the cultural diversity of the entrants.

Earth Hour 2012 - "Go Beyond The Hour"

12 03 2012

Beaconsfield Communal Garden - A documentary by Pilar Angon

22 09 2011

A short documentary created by our bilingual educator Pilar Angon on the communal garden project at Beaconsfield Community Centre. An initiative of the South East Neighbourhood Centre and ECSLP.

Earth Hour 2011

2 05 2011


During Earth Hour 2011 the ECSLP team were busily engaging with the community to raise awareness about this important environmental event and give practical ways of saving energy on the day and in the future.

Kinetic Energy Theatre Performance

13 12 2010

The Kinetic Energy Theatre company's acclaimed and interactive performance "Village Space" took place at the ECC on Tuesday the 7th of December...

Multicultural Leaders' Forum on Climate Change

24 11 2010

The ECC hosted Sydney's first Multicultural Leaders Forum on Climate Change in partnership with Auburn Community Development Network (ACDN) recently...

Bilingual Educator noted for Leadership

24 11 2010

Quoc-Tran Duong, Chinese-Vietnamese Bilingual Environmental Educator is the very first recipient of the Australian Rural Leadership Fellowship’s Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Scholarship program.

ECC wins Green Globe Award

20 10 2009

ECC was awarded the overall 2009 Premier's Sustainability Award for best project at the 10th Green Globe Awards.