Petition: Stop the Australian Citizenship Amendment Bill 2015. Dual citizens are not second class citizens!

by Esther Lozano - Thursday, 20 August 2015

Have you or your parents or your grandparents come to Australia from New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Vietnam, Italy, Greece, Canada, the USA, Germany, South Africa, or any of the dozens of countries that recognise dual citizenship?
Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten are working together to make us and millions of Australians like us second class citizens by passing the Australian Citizenship Amendment Bill 2015.  
Please join with me to protect our most basic rights as Australian citizens. Tell Mr Abbott and Mr Shorten that there should be no second class citizens in our Australia. Tell them that the Australian Citizenship Amendment Bill 2015 should be dropped or radically altered to protect our Australian citizenship.  
If the Australian Citizenship Amendment Bill 2015 is passed by the Commonwealth Parliament, Australians who are dual citizens because their parents or grandparents were born overseas or who were born overseas themselves can lose their Australian citizenship. No one knows exactly how many people this new law will affect, but it could be more than 10 million Australians. 
If this Bill passes in its current form, we could lose our Australian citizenship for a wide range of ill-defined acts of ‘terrorism’, which include damaging or destroying Commonwealth property. For example, if you spray paint ‘Romans go home’ (or anything else) on a Commonwealth building and you are a dual citizen, you could lose your Australian citizenship and be deported. You could lose your citizenship if you give money to a charity that the Australian government then deems to be supporting ‘terrorists’. Or if you are a nurse or doctor working for the Red Cross and end up treating someone deemed to be a ‘terrorist’ by the Australian government you could lose your citizenship. In most cases the loss of citizenship will be ‘automatic’ – no conviction necessary. What could go wrong with that? 
This is a very slippery slope Tony Abbott is taking us down. 
At a time when we all need to stick together to make Australia strong, the Abbott government has introduced a new law that is divisive. They are saying that dual citizens aren’t real Australians. And Bill Shorten’s Labor Party is supporting them so they can look tough on terror. 
The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security is reviewing the Bill right now and it is unclear what they will recommend to the Commonwealth Parliament. In fact, they are considering recommending that parts of the new law should apply retrospectively! I am especially concerned that all the Committee members are from the Coalition and the Labor Party and that they may be more focused on scoring political points than on our rights as citizens. 
Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten are pretending to fight terror while instead they are threatening the most basic rights of millions of Australian citizens. If Australia is seriously concerned about these risks, we should get really tough on terror by letting our courts deal with terrorists and punish them for their crimes. 
If you don’t voice your opposition now, this legislation will pass and Australia will become a more divided and weaker nation. 
Please sign this petition to send a message to Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten that we know what they are up to; that we think it is wrong; and that the Australian Citizenship Amendment Bill 2015 should be dropped or radically altered to protect our Australian citizenship.
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Alice Hill