Chinese Government Delegation visits ECC

by Jordan Valageorgiou - Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Two government delegations from the Peoples Republic of China visited the ECC during November.

A delegation from Guangxi Autonomous Region came on 22 November to study the ECC’s Ethnic Communities’ Sustainable Living Project. Guangxi Region has one of most varied range of ethnic minorities in China.

Also a delegation from Ningxia Autonomous Region (visited the ECC on 25 November. The delegates advised that their Autonomous Region of Ningxia was established by the Peoples Republic of China for the Hui/Islamic people, one of China’s official 55 ethnic minorities. The main purposes of the visit was to learn more about Australian social security, aged care system and related social welfare programs.
Representing the ECC in its discussions with the Chinese delegations were Chair Jack Passaris OAM, Vice Chairs Farid Ahmed and Lucas Woo, Executive Committee’s John Hugh, Executive Officer Mark Franklin and Ethnic Communities Sustainable Living Project members Kylie Walker, Ottilie Bick-Simpson and Quoc-Tran Duong.

A government delegation from South Korea will visit ECC in December and another Chinese government delegation from the Yunnan Minorities Affairs Committee will visit ECC early in 2011.