ECC presents a list of recommendations to the NSW Parliament to stop elder abuse with a particular focus on financial abuse.

by Esther Lozano - Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The ECCNSW together with one of its members, Capacity Australia, presented a letter to the Hon Sophie Cotsis expressing concerns about the increasing incidences of elder abuse in the community.
The meeting went off well, with positive responses from the Hon Sophie Cotsis. She acknowledged that although there have been some media pieces, articles and talks about the Federal Australian Law Reform Commission report from the Attorney General George Brandis’s office, already informing the public of the work being done towards the issue of Elder Abuse, more needs to be done within NSW.
We requested that as the NSW Member of Canterbury that it be put forward to Parliament for the urgent implementation of a number of recommendations proposed in the Elder Abuse Standing Committee Inquiry Report including: 
  • that the number of translators available to ethnic communities at the Elder Abuse Hotline be increased
  • that the government considers making training compulsory for frontline staff in the finance industry and for lawyers, especially those who come in contact with the retired and elderly clients.
  • the government considers establishing a Public Advocates’ Office, along the lines of the Victorian model, with powers to investigate complaints and allegations around elder abuse.
  • that the POA forms be separated for personal and corporate use. Changes must be implemented to stop abuse.
Sophie Cotsis agreed to support a more targeted response addressing all of the above items as well as lodging a submission in response to the Federal report.
We are very hopeful this will bring about targeted adoption and implementation of these important recommendations, thereby increasing safety and dignity of our ageing culturally diverse communities.