The new “Speak My Language” program funded by the Commonwealth will facilitate access to aged care in more than 25 languages

by Esther Lozano - Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Ethnic Communities Council of New South Wales welcomes the Australian Government’s announcement to provide 2-year funding for the “Speak My Language” project to be funded under the recent Dementia Aged Care Choices funding round.

The project will include the delivery of on-air discussions about aged care options in over 25 languages across 80 Ethnic radio stations, across 4 states including NSW, Victoria and Queensland. The project will reach an audience of over 50,000 people per week, who will also have access to several technological based solutions such as live webinars, podcasts and interactive websites to link them to the right information.
A number of national projects were also successful in this funding round. The Australian Government has released a total of $34 million in funding grants to support innovation in dementia care and other aged care services. Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt said the grants would help the aged care system to meet the challenges ahead.
“The projects to be funded are cutting-edge and will strengthen the capacity of the aged care sector to respond to consumer-directed care and the challenges of dementia,” Minister Wyatt said.
Peter Doukas, Chairperson of the Ethnic Communities Council of NSW (ECCNSW) welcomes the announcement. “The Speak My Language project will harness the strength and scope of community radio to deliver much needed information to the broader CALD community about the Commonwealths aged care system. The simple in-language conversations on-air will assist CALD communities to better understand the recent changes and make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing”.
Mary Karras, CEO of ECCNSW is incredibly enthusiastic about the project and its potential. “This is a fantastic opportunity to work with both our SBS and NEMBC partners and the Ethnic Councils across the three states. The program will deliver key messages which will reach our CALD communities in their very own homes through the power of community radio.
We look forward to working with our partners, ECC Queensland, ECC Victoria, The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) and the National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters’ Council (NEMBC). Through “Speak My Language” we aim to work together to support older refugees, older migrants, and their families seeking the right aged care solutions” stated Mr. Doukas.
All Australians, no matter what background or language they speak, deserve an aged care system that is responsive and meets the specific needs of our diverse communities. We are committed towards supporting government to build a system that is flexible and responsive to our most vulnerable members”.