Monthly Letter from ECCNSW Chairman Peter Doukas

by Esther Lozano - Tuesday, 7 June 2016

 Dear friends and members, 

We have had a very busy April and May as member events took on a major presence in the Board’s calendar. We also held a successful meeting of our Member’s Forum in which the dangers of elder abuse were discussed by a representative of Capacity Australia. Elder abuse is a major issue for the Board in the way that it affects ethnic communities more than other groups. We are keen to hear from you. 

We also invite you to inform us of any upcoming cultural events. Do you have an event? If so, please contact ECC office and let us know. 

Statements by the Immigration Minister In mid-May, Immigration Minister Dutton indicated that refugees were not literate in their own language, and this in some way should play a role in the immigration debate. Of course, the position of ECCNSW is to fight the treatment of all people who come to Australia to be treated with the dignity and respect they not only deserve, but our laws and international obligations mandate. Comments from the Immigration Minister in this respect were not only unfortunate but needed a quick response. See our ECCNSW press release on this matter. 

Students Program ECCNSW, as the only peak body representing multicultural communities in NSW undertakes various programs and partnerships in our regular activities. One of the programs that I am most proud of is the Media Mentorship Program arranged in collaboration with Macquarie University and our friends and colleagues at SBS and NITV. With the simple aim of changing the media landscape in Australia to reflect our multicultural communities, the mentorship program supports university students from CALD backgrounds enrolled in a media degree and integrates them into working at either SBS or NITV for a period. Students also undertake work in community projects at ECCNSW as part of the program. If you see any of our media mentees at our offices or at any ECCNSW events, please make them welcome! 

As I have said countless times, the most important asset of the ECC is our members. One great way to get the most of our ECC membership is to let us know about any events or activities your organisation may be doing. In forwarding the cause of diversity, we are all better off for it. 

Yours in multiculturalism, 

Peter Doukas