Results of the election of ECCNSW office bearers

by Esther Lozano - Wednesday, 21 October 2015


The position of Chair was uncontested and as such Mr Peter Doukas will continue as Chair of ECCNSW for the next two years. 

The position of Youth Chairperson was uncontested and we welcome Mr Glen Falkenstein to this position.  

The position of Deputy Chair and the positions on the Board of Management were elected through a process of a voting count. 

Mr Jack Passaris OAM was elected to continue in the position of Deputy Chair.   

The following members constitute the new Board of ECCNSW for the next 2 years:  

Peter Doukas (Chair)

Jack Passaris OAM (Deputy Chair)

Glen Falkenstein (Youth Chairperson)

Emanuel Valageorgiou (Immediate Past Chair)

Fiona Passaris

Marta Aquino

Siddique Panwala

Abbas Alvi

Cen Amores

Josie Musa

Suellyn Lin

George Varughese  

Tasha Vanos OAM

Christine Lynch OAM

Maria Passaris

Padmanabhan Karamil

Mary Karras (Executive Officer)


The following members constitute positions on the Members’ Forum for the next 2 years:


Morris Mansour                                             Josie Musa

Jon Soemarjono                                            Paul Kim

Cen Amores                                                  Ruben Amores

Glen Falkenstein                                           Lily Bao

Dr Dimitria Groutsis                                       Fiona Passaris

Phil Chau                                                       Lucas Woo

Amir Salem                                                    Maria Passaris

George Varughese                                        Suellyn Lin

Tasha Vanos OAM                                        Christine Lynch OAM

Irene Passaris                                                Jack Passaris OAM

Sarosh Batliwalla                                            Mahrukh Batliwalla

Steve Mouhtaris                                             George Bouteris

Indarjit Khuman                                             Glen Petrakis

Abbas Alvi                                                     Siddique Panwala

Paul Tsanis                                                    Fiona Doukas

Aziz Akbar OAM                                             Vijaykumar Halaga

Heleni Katsaros                                              Mikall Chong

Sam Pashalis                                           

Emanuel Valageorgiou                                   

Padmanabhan Karamil  

Marta Aquino