Seeding Cultural Connections


Let's improve the health of our bushland!

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Our team of bilingual educators have been working hard to get ready to facilitate natural resource management awareness-raising activities for groups from their cultural communities in local bush areas.

Eleven educators attended a training workshop on the 30th July, designed by Judy Christie, followed up with a field trip to Lane Cove National Park on the 13th  of August 2015. The educators were introduced to the bushland and to weeding techniques by a National Parks and Wildlife officer. They also met the members of a bushcare group who have been working for 15 years rehabilitating the bushland in the Carter Creek catchment of Lane Cove National Park.

Weeding is a very satisfying activity. It was really hard to stop and put away the protective clothing and tools and leave the park. Everyone was very happy to be able to contribute to improving the park’s habitat.

Now the educators will provide the same opportunity to members of their own cultural community; taking groups to a local park and introducing them to local government bushcare officers and groups.

This project is supported by Greater Sydney Local Land Services and funded by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program. 

Contact us if you would like our educators to organise a bushcare activity in your local Council.

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Photos: Libeth Pamalias