Continuing Cultural Connections Report 2020


Scope of project

This project aimed to find out how the guidelines produced by ECCNSW, Cultural connections: Engaging CALD energy consumers, were being used by energy businesses and agencies in their engagement and consultations with CALD consumers. 
We anticipated participants in the project would complete a survey instrument regularly to detail how, when and what they were each doing in CALD engagement. 
Feedback from a variety of energy businesses was used to inform the questions posed in the instrument and the timing/frequency of responses required.
There was considerable enthusiasm in sections of the energy market and additional businesses and agencies sought to participate so the project was expanded. 
Initial expectations about the frequency of data collection were tempered by the reality of a very busy energy sector with a range of competing priorities.
The project enjoyed wide participation across the energy market, with
distribution networks in NSW, Victoria and South Australia providing data
and projects for inclusion in the expanded case studies section.
Projects from energy agencies, regulators and Ombudsman (AER,AEMC, EWON, ESC Victoria and IPART) have also been included in the case studies.