Updates on Energy Reform

 The ECC believes that all members of CALD communities have a right to:

  • affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity and gas 
  • have their interests heard in policy and regulatory decisions on electricity and gas
  • not be disconnected from electricity and gas because they are unable to pay
  • be provided with information in a culturally relevant and appropriate form about energy policies and services.

About the Consumer Advocacy Panel

In 2008, as a result of an amendment to the AEMC Establishment Act, the Consumer Advocacy Panel was created with responsibility for granting funding for advocacy and research on electricity and natural gas issues.

The Panel consists of a chairperson and four other members appointed by the Minister on the recommendation of the MCE. The chairperson and members must be persons who are recommended for appointment by the MCE on the basis that together they have the requisite knowledge, experience and abilities.

The website  http://www.advocacypanel.com.au/about.htm  provides further information.

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