Video testimonials 

Get to know the business owners who have implemented smart tips to reduce their energy costs.


Kai Sun Supermarket

Yong Zhao, owner of the Kai Sun Supermarket in Parramatta, explains how an energy efficiency plan is helping him to fight  the rise in energy costs. (Mandarin, English subtitles) 


Akai Restaurant

Belinda Zhang, owner of Akai restaurant in Campsie, explains how she implements smart changes for a more energy efficient and profitable business. (Mandarin, English subtitles) 


Eagle Boys Pizza

Suresh Kumar, owner of Eagle Boys Pizza in Minto, explains how a low cost and energy efficient solution sets the path towards a full energy saving implementation.


Sanook Thai Restaurant

Sumalee Omnondha, owner of Sanook Thai restaurant in the Central Coast, has found a way to save money and energy during the quiet months through simple and clever actions.