I am a Provider

What kind of support and assistance can I expect if I contact a MAP program in NSW?

For service providers and service system the support may include:

Through trust and strong interpersonal relationships, MAP officers are able to work alongside CHSP funded service providers and support them in their endeavour to deliver quality and accessible services to culturally and linguistically diverse seniors.
MAP officers are a valuable source of information and resources for CHSP providers. Similar to the approach we use when working with consumers, MAP similarly does not "do for" rather "works with" CHSP providers to identify and address any gaps, trend or issues experienced by the individual service or the sector as a whole.
It is about building the capacity of the sector to be able to be fluid, flexible, responsive and innovative in their delivery of service and to always be ready amidst potential threats, risks or issues which may arise.
As the eyes and ears on the ground, MAPS are able to assist CHSP providers to identify valuable resources, address priority issues and gaps in services, source partnerships with the broader service system and community, and support the organisations to address challenges in compliance with policy requirements in order to deliver inclusive and quality services.
We are also an important source for the department to inform them of system challenges on the ground, and issues which require government response.
MAPS are the conduit and a tool funded specifically as an additional support stream to CHSP service system.


The ECCNSW MAP Position works across regional and rural NSW and can come to you. 

Feel free to contact the ECCNSW MAP officer if you would like to explore opportunities for the delivery of culturally appropriate care, information, bilingual resources and materials, training and assistance in regional and rural areas. 

Terrie Leoleos

Manager  Ageing and Disability Programs

NSW State Wide Multicultural Access 



Who are your MAP programs across NSW?

There are 12 MAP Programs Across NSW located in different areas. To download the list of MAP programs, click HERE