What is a MAP?

CALD Sector Support and Development programs assist by providing an array of strategies and resources to assist providers in developing a robust, compliant, quality aged care service, which delivers excellence in cultural appropriate aged care.

Aims of the MAP program

  • Improve access and equity for CALD older people, younger people with a disability and their carers
  • Strengthen the capacity of the CHSP and CCSP services system to respond to the needs of the CALD target group
  • Respond to and inform about policy and program direction that affects services delivery to CALD communities
  • Provide advice and information to CHSP and CCSP services and related programs on CALD communities access and equity 

By working together, we strive to develop

  • A service system which is better equipped to respond to the specific needs of CALD population. 
  • A system planning process which is responsive to the specific needs of the CALD population. 
  • A community where CALD people are better informed about the aged, disability and other related programs and the services they offer. 
  • Access and use of services by CALD clients is reflective of local / regional demographics. 
  • Productive cohesion and network between the funded project and other relevant community care services.